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How to sort waste

Would you like to live more environmentally friendly and do something for the environment by sorting your waste, but don't know what to do? We've put together four simple tips that may help you.

Separate containers in the home

The accumulation of waste can be very intense in a typical household, so creating special containers for each type is a very good step. Taking waste out separately after each day would be unnecessarily time consuming and inefficient. For storage, you can use containers designed specifically for this purpose or you can improvise and create your own. For example, paper bags or banana boxes are a great and economical solution. The ideal location is, of course, in an area where waste is out of sight.

Regular disposal

Even though you can save a lot of time with take-out thanks to the above method, you obviously have to account for it. Food residue on the packaging or even other processes can lead to contamination, so you need to take out the waste at least once a week. Containers should be available in every residential area and you can normally sort glass, paper and plastic into them.


A special category of waste is what is known as bio-waste. If you live in a house with your own garden, you're halfway there with your own compost bin. In cities, special bins are available for bio-waste.

Electronics, batteries and more

Functioning or old electronics or batteries are also a special category. Special containers are also allocated for this waste in many places. It is also possible to dispose of this waste by taking it to collection yards.