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How to measure the length of the foot

How to measure your foot length and choose a shoe size?

You will need: a pen, a sheet of paper (min. A4 size), a ruler/meter, or adhesive tape.

1. Lay the sheet on a smooth surface, preferably glue it down so it doesn't move.

2. Place the left foot in the middle of the sheet and precisely trace around it with the pen.

Be careful! Keep the pen perpendicular to the sheet!

3. Use a ruler to measure the length of your foot - take into account the outermost points of the length of your foot (usually the distance from heel to toe).


"The length of your feet may differ from each other. If this is the case, choose a larger foot to determine your size.

"It is recommended that the shoe be about 0.5 cm longer than the foot.

"Shoe sizes vary from one manufacturer to another (e.g. Inkkas size 44 may be different from Perka size 44). When choosing a size, you should refer to each brand's individual size chart, which is available on the individual product pages.

" Size chart is available on each product page.