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Lexicon of substances

Get information about the ingredients of the products you buy.

There is a plethora of cosmetic and food products on the market today, and with them a wide range of chemicals that can affect our health and well-being. Our Lexicon of Chemicals in Cosmetics and Food offers a comprehensive guide to these ingredients so you can better understand what you are applying to your skin or consuming. Gaining an overview and deeper understanding of these substances is key to making informed choices and living a healthier lifestyle.

By level of harmfulness

Natural substances

Natural substances are substances derived from nature, but their natural origin does not automatically guarantee their safety for humans.

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Derivatives of natural substances

Derivatives of natural substances are chemical compounds derived from natural sources.

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Harmless chemicals

Harmless chemicals are compounds that do not pose a risk to human health or the environment.

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Slightly harmful chemistry

Mildly harmful chemicals include compounds that may pose a moderate risk to human health or the environment.

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Dangerous substances

Hazardous substances are compounds that pose a high risk to human health or the environment.

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Non-safety classified chemicals are compounds whose effects on human health and the environment are not clearly identified.

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