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How to care for hair in summer

In summer, hair is under a lot of stress. Direct sunlight, salt or chlorinated water have a negative effect on the ends, the hair frays and breaks. Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair during the summer months.

Hair in summer

Beautiful hair is the crown of beauty. Especially in summer, we want to have a rich and full mane that will contrast perfectly with our clothes and accessories. However, they are much more damaged by external influences than in other seasons, so it does not always succeed. Hair breaks and looks dry and unsightly.

The salt water from the sea or the chlorine found in swimming pools, direct scorching sun, free radicals, abrasive beach sand and also the wind do them no good. They are lustreless and lifeless. That is why you need to choose regular and proper care.

Summer Tricks

Don't brush your hair when wet, let it dry freely, for example, braided or just like that, and only comb through it occasionally with your hand. Hair that is wet would be damaged by combing. Once dry, they can be combed out very easily, especially if you use a conditioner or rinse-free conditioner.

Use a sunless hair product. It contains ingredients that protect them from UV rays and promote hydration. Sprays or shampoos, restorative masks, protective fluids as well as oils or conditioners will help keep your hair beautiful and fresh through the summer.

Before bathing, soak your hair in fresh water to absorb the water and avoid salt or chlorinated water. After bathing, always wash your hair again in fresh water to wash out the salt or chlorine and prevent further damage.

Hair should not be blow-dried frequently so that it does not dry out unnecessarily. A summer haircut is also a good idea to air them out and remove broken ends.

In summer it is advisable to wear a head covering, straw or cloth hat or summer scarf. It will protect your hair from too much sun and also your head from getting sunburn.

Colouring your hair in summer is not very good, it is better to get a new colour before the summer heat hits. Quite often the color will dry out and partially change. Only colour the ends and leave the change of look for another time.

Good nutrition

Hydration is the foundation of proper hair nutrition. Use moisturising shampoos and masks that contain aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol or silk or wheat proteins. It is also important to drink plenty of water, as nourishment from within is essential for hair health.

Nourishing hair oils will make your mane shine through and look beautiful. Use argan, olive, jojoba, avocado or coconut oil as well. Spray or rub the oil on your hair and leave it on for at least an hour. Products with keratin are also good to heal damaged hair and prevent further breakage.

Use a hair mask once a week, either a store-bought one or you can opt for a natural alternative. With oils, honey, yogurt or egg, which are very beneficial for hair health. A beer wrap is also good, as it will nourish the hair and make it shine beautifully.

Vitamins beneficial for hair are vitamin B, C and E. You can use hair cosmetics with vitamins, but also take them internally. The complex for healthy hair is biotin.

Scalp Care

Hair skin is sensitive and can develop various eczema, dandruff, dryness or excessive sweat gland production and oily head. Redness, burning or itching may occur. Particularly insufficiently dried hair can cause mycosis or inflammation.

Use vinegar regularly once a week as a rinse or herbal decoctions, calendula, chamomile or lavender. Burdock or nettle is good for hair growth. Hair tonics or flower lotions with, for example, tea tree oil, which disinfects and is antibacterial, can also help.

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