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SKFK started as a conventional brand, but has undergone an amazing transformation and now only offers clothing that is made sustainably and ethically, from materials that are friendly to nature and using resource-saving practices. At Ferwer, among other things, she brings a line of sweaters made from organic cotton. You can choose from several colours and types. Will the mustard Ismene sweater or the black stretch Betti sweater keep you warm in winter ?

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SKFK Betti

The SKFK Betti door will become a popular part of your wardrobe. It has an appealing strawberry colour that is suitable for summer fun, but will also brighten up gloomy autumn days.

60,20 €

18,10 €

SKFK Iradi Women Sweater Chilli Orange

This finely woven 100% organic cotton sweater is perfect to keep you warm on your walk on the beach when ...

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21,70 €

Ecoalf Cisa Knit Woman Dark Pink Melange

Do you already have a sweater ready for this autumn and winter that is comfortable, warm and fits both ...

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Ecoalf Ecoalf Hoody Scarf Woman Caviar

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SKFK Betti

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