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How to toughen up

Would you like to boost your immunity through hardening but lack inspiration on the right practices? We've put together some simple tips to guide you through the world of hardening and outline how to do it as effectively as possible.

Sunbathing and cooling

Probably the most common method of hardening is the use of saunas and subsequent cooling treatments. After a few minutes in the sauna, where the temperature is often around the hundred degree mark, the cooling comes with a safe shock to the body. This allows the body to adapt to the change in temperature, thus logically hardening the body and improving its immunity. On the other hand, experts strongly advise against going to a sauna without cooling down.

Cold showers

If you want to toughen up at home, it may be comforting news that you can get by with just a shower. A morning iced shower will have a very positive effect on your perception of temperature changes when incorporated regularly.

Ice water cooling

If you want to go one step further, you can commit to ice water hardening in ponds or lakes. In the winter months, these bodies of water become a paradise for all lovers of hardening regeneration. However, always be aware of your safety, only harden yourself in the presence of other people and follow the correct procedures to avoid endangering your health. In addition, before using this method of hardening, it is advisable to apply milder hardening for a longer period of time, for example through the aforementioned ice showers.


Cryochambers actually work on the opposite principle to saunas. By closing the body into a very low temperature space, the body is again positively shocked, causing beneficial effects for your muscle regeneration and, of course, its hardening.