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How to cope with constant cravings for sweets

Are you hungry every day? Can't control your sweet tooth and always end up with a calorie bomb of a dessert full of fat and simple sugars? In today's article, we'll tell you how to put an end to your sweet cravings and not mess up your diet and healthy eating.

Replace sugar with healthy alternatives

Sugar isn't the only sweet craving.

When baking and creating sweet desserts, you can choose another alternative to sweeten your dessert. We have added a list of foods and flavourings that can replace sugar and sweeten your dessert.

  • protein

  • artificial sweeteners - drops and others

  • stevia

  • Watch out for honey

    Honey seems like a healthy alternative.

It does indeed have more nutrients than regular sugar. Unfortunately, however, it contains almost as many calories and simple sugars as regular sugar. People often think that if they sweeten something with honey, they have won the battle against extra pounds and miracles will happen.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It's the calorie deficit that plays a role in weight loss, not whether you use a more nutritious sweetening option.

Don't indulge in sweets

Don't deny yourself sweets.

If you cut out sweet desserts altogether, one day you'll have one anyway, and then you'll go back to the vicious cycle.

We advise you to try healthy alternatives to desserts using protein powder or artificial sweeteners. The taste will please you and yet such desserts can be healthy and full of nutrients.