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How to care for the skin in summer

In summer our skin is stressed by increased heat, wind and sea salt. They sweat more and the harsh sun dries out the skin, which then develops wrinkles. Here are a few tricks for a great summer with fresh skin.

Excessive sun exposure is bad for your skin

Protect your face and décolleté from the sun. UV rays tan the skin and pull the skin pigment melanin out of the skin. However, it also acts to dry out the skin, which causes wrinkles. Use protective creams with a high SPF factor and only sunbathe outside in the midday heat. Ideally, don't go out in the sun between 11am and 2pm, preferring to hide in the shade. Creams and body lotions with carrot or sea buckthorn oil contain beta-carotene, which helps to produce colour in the skin and thus prevents excessive burning and drying. Also use after-sun cosmetics containing panthenol, which has a regenerative effect.

Hydration of the skin

Make sure your skin is properly hydrated. Use hydrating creams and fluids with aloe vera and body lotions with hyaluronic acid, collagen or urea. Natural cosmetics such as cucumber and mineral water are good for the skin. For the face, regular washing with cold water is healthy, as it will brighten and brighten the skin. Plus, it will get you up for the day and make you feel refreshed.

Nutrition and Care

In summer, it's uncomfortable to lubricate your face and body with thick creams because they stick to the skin and cause increased sweating. However, the oils in creams are important for keeping skin fresh and ageless. Don't neglect to apply at least in the evening or morning when it's not so hot. Lubricate your face and décolleté with creams containing nourishing proteins or oils. There are drier oils, such as grapeseed, rose, coconut, almond or apricot, which absorb quickly. Raspberry oil contains a small amount of SPF protection and is also good in the summer months.

Skin Cleansing

In summer, the skin is exposed to the weather and this causes increased sebum production. It clogs the pores and creates acne and inflammation. This is why you need to cleanse your skin regularly. Products containing activated charcoal, clays or dead sea mud are very effective. Creams containing hemp or tea tree oil are also anti-inflammatory. Regular exfoliation is important to rid the skin of dead skin cells. It is softened and visibly rejuvenated. Just apply a peeling cream once a week and cleanse the skin with circular movements.

Masks and natural remedies

Summer is the right time for natural cosmetics. Chamomile and calendula or lavender are anti-inflammatory and good for the skin. For example, make a decoction of herbs or a face mask. Yoghurt, honey, banana, oatmeal, avocado, lemon juice, turmeric or even coffee are suitable. Flower waters, rose or peppermint water with a little menthol are also pleasant and cool the skin. You can also use cooling sprays or after-sun gels.