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TIO Toothbrush (ultra soft) - coral pink - made from plants

Brand: TIO

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Product description TIO Toothbrush (ultra soft) - coral pink - made from plants

With TIO, we bring you the first non-bamboo toothbrushes on the Czech market that are made almost exclusively from plants, from renewable sources, including their bristles. The ultrasoft toothbrush has the softest bristles of any eco-friendly toothbrush and the highest number of bristles - 5,460. That's the same number as premium Swiss brands of conventional toothbrushes. Now there's really no reason to stick with a regular plastic toothbrush. This German brand caught our eye immediately. It presents a completely new perspective on such a common and everyday item as a toothbrush. It combines groundbreaking elements of sustainability, design and dental care. It guarantees you optimal oral care and the great feeling of not supporting the creation of a pile of non-degradable waste. Because it's much more than just a toothbrush. It's about the idea that pollution is not necessary. That even the most mundane thing can make a huge difference.

Material: handle: bio polyethylene from sugar cane, head: wood fibres with FSC certification
Thickness of fibres: 4 mil = 0,1016 mm
Number of bristles: 5.460
Material of bristles: bio polyamide nylon from castor oil
Bristle fineness class: ultra soft
Country of origin: made in Germany.
Packaging material: travel cap: bio polyethylene from sugarcane
What to do with it when it's finished: When the bristles get frayed, take the head off and throw it in the mixed waste. The brush may not be compostable, but it breaks down faster in a landfill than regular plastic.
Color: coral pink

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