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Henné Color Tinting hair dressing with high protection and care Premium 100ml Mahogany

Brand: Henné Color

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Product description Henné Color Tinting hair dressing with high protection and care Premium 100ml Mahogany

Henne Color Premium Végétal shade Sensual Mahogany is for medium dark hair - light brown, medium brown. See the Premium Végétal color swatch.

This is a new generation cream formulation made from dyes and active botanical ingredients with high protection and care for hair.

Our botanical dye compositions are totally unique. The active plant ingredients have a positive effect on the hair:&Wnbsp;mango butter&Wnbsp;is rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the hair, unfermented leaves of&Wnbsp;green tea&Wnbsp;are a powerful antioxidant and protect hair from sunlight and environmental toxins,&Wnbsp;phoenix vinegar with an acidic pH, it smooths hair, henna covers hair, and protects against external adversities, strengthens it, gives it elasticity, shine and volume.

Of the natural ingredients, the dressing contains mango seed oil, ylang ylang flower oil, henna, fig vinegar, green tea, hibiscus flower extract, beetroot and fallen wood extract.

Contains no oxalate, ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens or heavy metals.

Packaging contains a 100ml tube of product with applicator, plastic cap and a pair of disposable gloves, instructions for use. The applicator can be sealed so that the product can be stored until the next use without access to air. The shelf life is 12 months from first opening.

Instructions for use: wash your hair with a good quality shampoo - ideally Premium Végétal - , towel dry your hair, rub the area around the hairline with a greasy cream to avoid unwanted discolouration of the skin. Put a towel over your shoulders and wear gloves. Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the hair and use a brush or a thick comb to spread it throughout the length of the hair. Then put on a plastic cap and wrap your head in a towel to keep it warm. Leave on for 30 - 60 minutes depending on the desired intensity of colouring. The longer the exposure time, the more intense the resulting colour shade. Rinse hair under running water, finish with a cool stream, dry and condition as usual.

Other practical information:

Henne Color Prémium Végétal tinted topcoats are suitable for all hair types. They are for external use on hair only, not for colouring eyebrows or eyelashes.

If skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients, it may cause an allergic reaction. If you are prone to an allergic reaction, do a tolerance test 48 hours before dyeing. (Apply a small amount of product to forearm, leave on for a few hours and do not use the product if any adverse skin reaction occurs.

You can also use the product on chemically dyed hair, after perming or straightening. In these cases, however, we recommend a break of approximately 6-8 weeks before colouring with Henne Color Prémium Végétal.

You can first test the chosen shade of the dressing on a strand of hair to determine the resulting hair colour. This is especially true if this is the first coloring after a chemical hair treatment (coloring, straightening or perming).

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