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Henné Color Premium vegetable powder hair dye 100g Mahogany

Brand: Henné Color

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Product description Henné Color Premium vegetable powder hair dye 100g Mahogany

Sensual Mahogany Vegetable Color is designed for dark blonde, brown and black hair. The result will be a lighter mahogany shade on light hair, a rich mahogany color on medium-dark hair and mahogany highlights on dark brown and black hair. On grey hair, the colour will be lighter and the whole will give the impression of blended hair. After repeated applications of henna, the resulting color will be slightly richer than the first time.

As a bonus, hair will be strengthened from root to tip, which will stop fraying. Because each hair will be coated with a thin layer of henna, the hair shaft will adhere beautifully to the hair shaft, making it shiny and protected from external aggressions.

When using henna on dry hair, we recommend adding either a little Henne Color Conditioner or Premium Végétal Nourishing Hair Treatment or a teaspoon of quality vegetable oil to the mixed color.

Sensual Mahogany -contains: henna, green tea, camphor tree extract, sodium picramate.

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