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Eco Garantie is a global certification mark for organic products. It sets standards for natural cosmetics, personal care products and eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products. A buyer who chooses a product bearing the Eco Garantie logo can be assured that the product meets the strict requirements for obtaining this certification, which guarantees quality, safety and respect for nature.

The Belgian Eco Garantie bio-label is particularly widespread in Belgium, where it was founded. However, it can also be seen on products sold worldwide. It is checked and certified by the international independent certification organisations Ecocert and Integra.

The criteria for awarding the label have been developed with a delicate balance between flora and fauna in mind. The main commitment is to sustainability and consumer care - there must be no consumer deception or health risks based on the use of substances that have proven adverse effects. For this reason, emphasis is placed on purely natural formulations and strict control of non-natural ingredients.

There is no predetermined proportion of ingredients originating from controlled organic farming, but it is preferred that it is as high as possible.

Products bearing the Eco Guarantee logo must not contain petroleum or petroleum derivatives (paraffin, kerosene, etc.), synthetic dyes and perfumes, genetically modified ingredients, and the use of non-natural stabilisers, emulsifiers and preservatives is strictly regulated. Animal testing is also prohibited. http://www.ecogarantie.com/