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Why expose yourself to the sun

Sun not only tints your skin to darker and more luscious tones, but also has many other benefits. In today's article, we look at the reasons to expose yourself to the sun's rays.

Vitamin D

The first reason is the intake of vitamin D through sun exposure.

Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that cannot be taken in sufficient amounts from diet alone. We can find it in a few foods such as seafood or egg yolk, but unfortunately not in the amounts we need for proper body functioning.

The greatest source of vitamin D is the sun

. In spring and summer, vitamin D intake is naturally higher than on cool days. Therefore, we recommend that you start supplementing with this vitamin. You can find good quality supplements to ensure optimal vitamin D intake.

Why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D has several important functions in our body. It is primarily associated with boosting immunity, but it has multiple benefits.

  • boosts the immune system
  • improves mood and helps for a stable mental state
  • supports digestion, which is linked to all functions in the body


As we mentioned above, vitamin D also helps with better mood.

You'll definitely notice it in yourself as well. On a sunny morning, you naturally feel happier and more energetic. You're more likely to want to play sports, do activities and smile for no reason.

If the sun is important to you and plays a big part in how you feel, we recommend getting infrared panels.

Infrared panels can replace the sun's rays in the winter and, among other things, give you more energy and charge you up.