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Endles by Econea Ear cotton buds (200 pcs) - made of bamboo and cotton

Brand: Endles by Econea

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Product description Endles by Econea Ear cotton buds (200 pcs) - made of bamboo and cotton

For that occasional tinkering. For the final makeup touch-up. To apply healing oil to a wound. If you find many tasks for cotton buds in your home, choose your grippers wisely. Disposable ones made of plastic often end up littered in nature, in the oceans and in the bowels of aquatic creatures. The sustainably grown bamboo and cotton alternative works just the same, and you can say goodbye to it in the compost heap, where it will completely decompose and return to the natural cycle. Econea's firstborn baby, the Endles brand, was made for you. We've imprinted it with our many years of e-shopping experience, and on its wings we're spreading the most useful eco-products and our customers' biggest all-time favourites into the kits of everyday heroes. At a sympathetic price, without compromising on quality. For we have infused Endles with both a thoughtful raison d'etre and a heart beating strong for sustainability and the protection of our mother earth. With consciously made products, you'll be on your way to a waste-free life, taking care of your body and your home. All vegan, minimalist and functional.

Material: bamboo, cotton
Pieces: 200
Percentage of natural raw materials: 100%
Country of origin: Made in China
Packaging material: cardboard box
What to do with them when they are finished: throw them in the compost, they will completely decompose there.
What to do with the packaging: recycle the box in a paper container, or you can compost it

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