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Tierra Verde Lufa Oval Small

Brand: Tierra Verde

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Product description Tierra Verde Lufa Oval Small

Lufas come from the fruit of the Lufa cylindrica plant, also called cylindrical or Egyptian loofah. Supposedly, Cleopatra already knew that this gourd could easily be used to make a first-class cosmetic tool in addition to a tasty salad.

The ripe cucumber-like fruit just needs to be stripped of its skin, submerged in water, and waited for the seeds and soft flesh to emerge. Only the tough fibers remain, which, when dried and cleaned, turn into natural sponges, washcloths, and other useful helpers.

The dry loofah is firm and rough, but quickly softens and increases in volume when soaked in warm water. This transformation makes it wonderful for massaging strained muscles, preventing cellulite and for gentle facial skin care. It circulates the skin, smoothing and softening it. Replaces plastic massage sponges and washcloths.

What is it used for

body washcloth

for massage (scrubbing, sauna)

dish sponge and cleaning (sinks, tubs), we recommend combining with Dish Gel with Organic Lemon Essential Oil Lemon Scaling Gel.

How to use

Rinse the loofah thoroughly with clean hot water after each use

then let it dry by hanging by the tab

store in a dry place (beware of high humidity especially in bathrooms, there is a risk of rot)

clean the loofah regularly with hot water, this will prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms

when properly cared for, it will serve you for many months

the fibers of the loofah gradually decompose with use, the rest is easily compostable

What makes Egyptian loofah special?

Lufa from Egypt has dense, flexible, soft and porous fibres, so it is perfect for skin care (massage, peeling, sauna). The cheaper Asian loofah is commonly available, which does not have such strong fibres, is less resistant to water and is not as pleasant in contact with the skin.

You can also use the oval loofah as a soap dispenser for&Wnbsp;natural soaps.

When your loofah is used up, you can throw it away in&Wnbsp;compost, where it will easily decompose.

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