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Tierra Verde Washing powder for white linen and cloth nappies - INNOVATION (850 g)

Brand: Tierra Verde

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Product description Tierra Verde Washing powder for white linen and cloth nappies - INNOVATION (850 g)

A fragrance-free, bleaching powder with an antimicrobial additive to take care of your white and colorfast textiles. And watch out, its formula has been innovated. The newly refined formula is more effective and only a tablespoon of product is enough for one wash cycle. The powder mixes ground soap nuts, olive soap and baking soda. It carries the international Ecogarantie certificate and is suitable for washing cloth diapers and clothes with the smallest of stains. The Czech-Slovak company Tierra Verde s.r.o. produces ecological products under several brands. Its eco-drugstore is called Yellow

Percentage of natural ingredients: 100 %
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Number of washing doses: 850 g: 56 doses, 5 kg: 333 doses, 15 kg: 1000 doses
Packaging material: 850g box: C/PAP mix of paper and other material, 850g bag: paper, 5kg: paper, 15kg: aluminium
Dosage: 15g powder (1 tbsp) per wash cycle
Percentage of BIO plant-based ingredients: 4%
Origin of fragrance: unscented
How to recycle: 850g box: Cannot be recycled, but has a longer life than paper and belongs in mixed waste. 850g bag and 5kg bag: Recycle in a paper bin. 15kg bucket: Recycle in a metal bin.
Effective at washing temperatures: from 40°C

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  • YAB245