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Tierra Verde Dishwasher salt - INNOVATION (2 kg) - prevents limescale build-up

Brand: Tierra Verde

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Product description Tierra Verde Dishwasher salt - INNOVATION (2 kg) - prevents limescale build-up

Natural regenerative salt is compatible with all types of automatic dishwashers. It prevents limescale, helps prevent calcium deposits on cutlery, glasses and crockery, softens even very hard water and its use extends the life of the dishwasher. It is pure sodium chloride - now in an even higher and more effective quality - without the iodine, fluoride and anti-caking agents that manufacturers often add to ordinary table salt. The Czech-Slovak company Tierra Verde s.r.o. produces ecological products under several brands. Its eco-friendly drugstore is called Yellow

Percentage of natural ingredients: 100%
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Origin of fragrance: unscented
Packaging material: 2kg: paper, 5kg: paper, 15kg: aluminium
What to do with packaging: You can recycle the packaging of smaller packages in the plastic and paper container. You can use the bucket at home or return it for refilling.
Composition: 100% coarse grain sea salt (sodium chloride, CAS 7647-14-5)
Weight: 2kg

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