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Organyc Night pads with wings Heavy (10 pcs) - 100% bio-cotton, 4 drops

Brand: Organyc

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Product description Organyc Night pads with wings Heavy (10 pcs) - 100% bio-cotton, 4 drops

The Organyc Heavy women's winged pads for night use are made of 100 IO chlorine-free bleached cotton inside and out. They are ultra thin and extra absorbent so you can sleep without worry. There are no synthetic fibers, no chemicals, and no fragrance - simply nothing that could cause irritation. Heavy night pads are suitable for heavy bleeding (label: 4 drops).Conventional feminine hygiene products are made primarily of synthetic materials and their fillings may contain wood wool or chemicals that cause skin and mucous membrane irritation. Chlorine is often used to bleach them, which leaves small but non-negligible amounts of toxic dioxin. Italian brand Organyc produces the first women's and children's intimate hygiene range exclusively from certified, sustainably grown 100 IO cotton, which is the perfect material for your skin and intimate areas.

Dimensions: l: 27 cm (1 cm edge on each side, absorbent layer = 25 cm), w: 8 cm
Material: Bio-cotton and bio-corn starch
Country of origin: Italy
Suitable for: heavy bleeding (label: 4 drops)
Packaging material: Recycled paper box printed with soy ink; cornstarch liner bag; paper tape on liner with eco-friendly adhesive; liners are individually wrapped
What about packaging?: The liner bag is unfolded. You can throw it in your home compost or bio-waste bin. Recycle the paper wrapper in a paper container.
Pieces: 10 pcs

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