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Lamazuna Shaver - saves hundreds of disposables

Brand: Lamazuna

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Product description Lamazuna Shaver - saves hundreds of disposables

Don't change them like socks, get one razor for life. Lamazuna makes theirs by hand and with the refined eye of a Dyzainer. So love at first sight is guaranteed. The French oak handle bears beautiful engraving on the side and underside and is protected from moisture by linseed oil. The chrome-plated zemak (zinc alloy) head is compatible with all standard blades on the market, allowing for easy replacement and a safe and rigidly comfortable shave. Suitable for all eco-minded ladies and gentlemen. The amazing, 100% natural French brand Lamazuna has set out to simplify your life, brighten it up with joyful colours and scents and avoid unnecessary waste. Zero waste gadgets and hand-crafted vegan cosmetics will save nature from unnecessary plastic packaging, your health from the onslaught of harmful substances and your wallet from overspending. With Lamazuna, you will simply feel that thriftiness doesn't have to be about renunciation and boredom, but about the joy of living in harmony with nature, colourful minimalism and innovative solutions for a better world.

Weight: 50 g
Country of origin: Made in France
Packaging material: Recyclable cardboard box printed with vegetable ink
Package contents: razor (without blades)
Height: 11 cm
Handle material: PEFC-certified French oak wood, treated with linseed oil.
Head material: Zamak - a non-ferrous metal alloy with 20% recycled content.
What to do with packaging: Recycle the cardboard box in a paper container or throw it in the compost or bio-waste where it will completely decompose.

Product code
  • LAM033