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Kvitok Organic Floral Water-Scale Rose (30ml)

Brand: Kvitok

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Product description Kvitok Organic Floral Water-Scale Rose (30ml)

100% pure hydrolates in BIO quality from the petals of Cistus Ladaniferus with a characteristic fresh floral scent. It is preservative and alcohol free, certified according to ECOCERT standards.

Cistus Ladaniferus is also known as the rose of Sharon, or rock rose, and the sap extracted from these flowers is called labdanum (used e.g. as a fixative in perfumery).

 Tones and refreshes skin

Restores skin to its natural pH after cleansing

Suitable as a toner for mature and irritated skin


Apply toning water to previously cleansed skin using a spray bottle or cotton pad. Apply a facial oil or lotion on the thus moistened skin and massage gently.

Other uses: After shave, eye poultice, bath (2 tbsp in a tub of warm water), refreshing the face, scenting and disinfecting the area, making your own face masks...

 When transferring the contents of the hydrolates from a larger pack to a smaller pack with a spray bottle, use an alcohol based dermal roller with microspheres to maintain hygiene as hydrolates are very sensitive to deterioration. Clean the empty bottle with detergent, rinse with clean water. Fill it with clean water, pump clean water through the spray bottle (a few squirts) and empty the spray bottle with another squirt without drawing water. Spray the bottle and the spray bottle with alcohol and allow to dry. Once dry, the bottle is ready for further use.

 Store in a dry, cool and dark place, preferably in the refrigerator. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.

INCI: Cistus Ladaniferus Flower Water

100% pure floral genuine hydrolates without preservatives and alcohol, certified according to ECOCERT standards.The extraction ratio of 1:1 (1kg of cistus flowers were used to produce 1L of flower water) guarantees the highest quality, intense aroma and especially high concentration of active ingredients.

Country of origin: France (Corsica)

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