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Kimmy Candles Aroma diffuser Honey

Brand: Kimmy Candles

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Product description Kimmy Candles Aroma diffuser Honey

When you smell it, the fragrance takes you back in time to the golden era, where you have a handsome gentleman in a tuxedo in front of you - someone like in the mafia movie The Godfather or Robert de Niro in a retro rendition. Just that image and you know that the scent will be more masculine, but it will make women who lust after these men buckle at the knees.

At first impression, you'll think it's something very tobacco-y, but the opposite is true. The scent is rather sweeter, but only subtly so (not overly sweet). Then the fragrance breaks down and there is a bit of a woody and oriental element from the ambergris.

The fragrance is a bit like a fine men's perfume. It's definitely suitable for both men and women.

Scent intensity: mild to medium

7 sticks per pack

lasts 2-3 months

Turn the sticks once every 2 weeks

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, fragrance oil

Capacity: 100 ml

How to use a diffuser?

Aroma diffuser is one of the easiest ways to scent your interior.

Simply insert the sticks into the diffuser bottle and the fragrance will begin to spontaneously release into the room. It is a suitable substitute for scented candles or aromatherapy tea lights, which need to be constantly supervised.

It is therefore also suitable for use in office buildings, for example, where fire regulations do not allow the use of open flames in enclosed spaces.

What are the sticks for?

You control the intensity of the scent yourself according to the number of sticks inserted. The more you add, the more your home will smell.

For smaller rooms, bathrooms or hallways, just 1-3 sticks are plenty. For living rooms and kitchens, 4-7 sticks, depending on your taste and the size of the room.

Where to put it?

Place the diffuser somewhere with air flow. The scent then has a better chance of spreading to all corners of the room.


living room - on a table, shelf

room - corner table

bathroom - on a cabinet

hallway - somewhere where there is a draft

TIP: Place it on a shelf or other furniture next to a door - you'll smell the lovely scent when you enter the room, and the scent will dissipate again in the distance.

How to care for the diffuser?

You need almost nothing. The only thing I recommend is turning the sticks once a week. The sticks will soak in from the other side and the scent will be released more evenly.

If your diffuser runs out and you refill it, we recommend rinsing it with soapy water and getting completely new sticks. The new refill won't mix with the old one and the replaced sticks will be good for a new use.

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