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Ecoegg Dryer Egg (2 pcs/pack) Fresh Cotton

Brand: Ecoegg

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Product description Ecoegg Dryer Egg (2 pcs/pack) Fresh Cotton

Saves time drying laundry in the dryer

- Reduces the time it takes to dry laundry in the dryer by 28%

- Ensures softer, more fragrant laundry

- Product is dermatologically tested

Innovation - Dryer Egg reduces the time it takes to dry laundry. We think that if you have a tumble dryer at home, you should have a dryer egg as well.

Save money

Did you know that your electric clothes dryer is one of the most expensive appliances you use at home? If not by price, then by electricity consumption for sure. The dryer's dryer egg separates the laundry from each other while drying. It causes the wet laundry in the dryer not to form a uniform mass, but its mass is agitated by the egg. Well-aerated laundry is then dried in 28 % less time. If you normally dry your clothes in the dryer for one hour, you will only dry them for 42 minutes using the dryer egg. Imagine the savings in electricity, and thus money.

Soften laundry

The patented growths on our dryer egg soften laundry by massaging it without compromising its quality. No chemicals are needed to soften the laundry.Fresh Cotton Fragrance is a combination of patchouli oil complemented by iris flower oil and sealed with vanilla and vegetable musk essential oils. A very popular and delicate fragrance for your linen.

Wonderful natural fragranceThe dryer egg contains dermatologically tested hypoallergenic fragrance sticks that contain essential oil. The fragrance released from the oil, which is pleasant to the skin, will transfer to your laundry. The dry laundry then smells pleasant.Faster drying, softness, and a lovely scent are the pleasures that the dryer egg brings.Sold in cotton and spring blossom scents. The package contains 2 drying eggs and 4 refills.

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  • ECEG11