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Ecoegg Bamboo towel roll

Brand: Ecoegg

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Product description Ecoegg Bamboo towel roll

Ecoegg bamboo wipes

No more paper towels

Ecoegg bamboo wipes fully replace regular expensive paper towels.

They are reusable - simply wash, dry and reuse.

They're made from organic bamboo, so they support sustainability.

Replace your kitchen towels with these eco-friendly bamboo ones that you can use over and over again. Made from organic bamboo, they are extra strong and extra absorbent. Use them wet or dry, they are suitable for any spill, dirt, general cleaning, dusting, polishing or mopping the floor. They never scratch and leave no lint behind.

They are extremely strong and amazingly absorbent.

Bamboo is one of nature's most absorbent fabrics. It sucks up to 10 times more than regular kitchen paper. Did you spill something? Better reach for our bamboo tea towels right away.

Reuse them repeatedly - over and over again. Unlike regular paper towels that you use and throw away, our bamboo towels can be used repeatedly. Simply wash, dry and reuse. You can also wash them in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40 oC, but do not use fabric softener. Air dry, do not use the tumble dryer. Washing will soften the wipes even more and increase their absorbency.

The pack contains 20 perforated bamboo cloths, each of which can be used up to 85 times. So in this single roll you get up to 1700 uses of the wipes. You will save money significantly and also do something positive for our environment.

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  • ECEG17