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Pinke Welle Sport Menstrual Panties - Heavy Menstruation (M)

Brand: Pinke Welle

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Product description Pinke Welle Sport Menstrual Panties - Heavy Menstruation (M)

Washable panties give you a feeling of security and elegance even during heavy menstruation. These black beauties gently hug your hips and tummy with their raised waistband and keep you dry and cool even when playing sports or overnight. At Pinke Welle, they've embellished them with mesh for an eye-catching elegance. The absorbent layer, which holds as much liquid as 3 conventional tampons, extends all the way up the back. They'll keep you dry for up to 12 hours straight, day and night. These are no rustling "bombers". Thanks to the four-layer technology, they are pleasantly thin and the wearing sensation is not significantly different from conventional underwear. Bamboo viscose and cotton ensure great breathability and a pleasant feel. Intimate areas can breathe freely and are beautifully cared for. Red? High-waisted? Or with seductive lace? "Why not!" The founders of the German brand Pinke Welle said to themselves and revived the world of menstrual panties with fresh colours and attractive cuts. In their menstrual panties, women feel seductive, comfortable and safe at the same time. The carefully selected materials do not disturb the natural balance of the private parts and the vegan composition is vigilantly guarded by the PeTA bunny. In addition, Pinke Welle also makes ladies feel good about their environmental impact. After all, a woman uses thousands of conventional tampons and pads in her lifetime. With menstrual panties, she thus relieves the planet of a pile of disposable and hard-to-degrade waste.

Material: outer layer: 95% viscose (bamboo pulp), 5 lastan; membrane: 100% polyurethane; absorbent layer: 85% polyester, 15 lastan; lining: 95% wool, 5 lastan; mesh liner: 95% nylon, 5 lastan.

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