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Kimmy Candles Small soy candle Figs

Brand: Kimmy Candles

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Product description Kimmy Candles Small soy candle Figs

Soy candle with grassy scent of vetiver combined with black figs.

Scent intensity:medium to strong

Natural soy wax candle

Non-toxic, with quality fragrance oils

Sufficient to scent a room up to 20 m² (small-medium room, bathroom, hallway)

100% VEGAN

Handmade in the Czech Republic

Burn time: 20 hours

Weight: 100 g

What is a soy candle?

You say a candle is like a candle? It looks innocent and no one ever pays much attention to its composition.

Once upon a time, candles made from beeswax, animal and various vegetable fats were the standard. Then with the advent of the oil industry, there were paraffin candles, which were a more affordable alternative to these waxes. But their drawback is that burning cheap paraffin wax releases toxic substances.

And so in the 1990s, soy wax was invented, which is derived from soybeans. This wax is from renewable sources, lasts longer, has a cleaner burn and releases up to 90% less soot.

How to care for a candle?

If you want your candle to burn as long as possible, remember these points:

trim the wick to 4-5 mm before each new lighting

during the burning process, allow the wax to melt to the edges to create a "lake" (this can take up to 4 hours) - the reason for this is, so that you don't get a tunnel that will deepen with each lighting

over time a small black sponge may form on the wick - trim it off (ensures an even burn)

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