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Tierra Verde Functional Laundry Gel (5 l)

Brand: Tierra Verde

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Product description Tierra Verde Functional Laundry Gel (5 l)

Soap nut vegetable saponin-based laundry gel perfectly washes functional textiles, especially hollow fibre and microfibre laundry. It removes dirt reliably without compromising the functionality of all special materials typical of sportswear. Antimicrobial and antifungal properties are further enhanced by colloidal silver. It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine and is also popular with people with sensitive skin, as it leaves no residue in the laundry. Its quality has also earned it the strict EcoGarantie certificate. The Czech-Slovak company Tierra Verde s.r.o. produces ecological products under several brands. Its eco-friendly drugstore is called Yellow

Volume: 5 l
Percentage of natural ingredients: manufacturer does not specify
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Number of washing doses: up to 166 washing doses
Origin of fragrance: unscented
Packaging material: HDPE
What to do with packaging: Empty packaging can be recycled in a plastic container, but is primarily used as a returnable container for refilling.
Effective at wash temperatures: 40°C and above
Integrees of temperature: 40°C
Ingredients: soapnut saponin, alkylpolyglucoside, EDDS (disuccinic acid), alcohol (alcohol), xanthan gum, colodial silver (colloidal silver), benzoic acid.

Product code
  • TVE076