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laSaponaria Essential oil - BIO sweet orange (10 ml)

Brand: laSaponaria

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Product description laSaponaria Essential oil - BIO sweet orange (10 ml)

Essential oil, cold pressed from Sicilian oranges, smells sweet, fruity and fresh. It calms and harmonises anxiety, promotes good mood and optimism. Awakens feelings of calm, wards off sadness and negative thoughts. It also relaxes muscles and in combination with vegetable oil is great for massaging a tired body. Its antiseptic properties make it a great ingredient in products for problematic skin. But its use is also widespread in the home, dripping it into cleaning or laundry products to scent the whole apartment. Natural conscious cosmetics are made with love, as organic as possible and with a mission to "leave the world a slightly better place". This is laSaponaria, which will grab you by the heart. It smells wonderful, it's made with the finest local ingredients, and it helps where it can. It supports local small farmers, social projects and fair trade. Everything is the result of honest, artisanal handcrafting and believe me, you will feel it. Of course there is no animal testing and no animal ingredients. Packaging is not forgotten either, and much of it is recycled. Try once and you'll want to try again...

Volume: 10 ml
Certificates:Cosmetici Biologici
Percentage of BIO ingredients in total volume: 100%
Percentage of natural ingredients: 100%
Country of origin: Made in Italy
Origin of fragrance: natural
Packaging material: plastic
How to recycle: If you don't use the bottle at home, recycle it in a plastic container.
Ingredients: Citrus Sinensis peel oil (dulcis) from organic farming

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  • LSA205