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Kimmy Candles Scented wax Santal wood

Brand: Kimmy Candles

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Product description Kimmy Candles Scented wax Santal wood

This candle will appeal to you with its pleasant combination of soft and creamy fragrance with fruity and floral notes.

Scent intensity: mild

Use in an aromatherapy candle

Package contains 1 wax table (6 cubes)

Total scenting time: approx. 35 hours

Size of one table: 8,5 x 6 cm

Weight: 70 g

How to use scented wax?

Break the table of scented wax into cubes and place 1-3 pieces in a bowl. Heat the wax using a tea light candle in an aroma lamp or use an electric aroma lamp. Within minutes, the wax will melt and begin to release the aroma into the room. Make sure there is always a minimum distance of 10 cm between the tea light and the bowl, otherwise the aroma will evaporate quickly.

Our scented wax tables will last for a minimum of 35 hours.

The number of cubes and the width of the bowl (the larger the diameter, the more scented it will be) affect the intensity of the scent. You can also combine the waxes with other fragrances.

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