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Endles by Econea Bamboo toothbrush with replaceable head (soft) - carbon fibre bristles

Brand: Endles by Econea

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Product description Endles by Econea Bamboo toothbrush with replaceable head (soft) - carbon fibre bristles

With this bamboo toothbrush in your mouth, you'll be grinning at yourself in the bathroom mirror twice a day. As you catch a glimpse of the biodegradable handle and replaceable head in your reflection, which will drastically reduce waste, the corners of your mouth will automatically pull up to your ears. We swear, we've tested it on our own smiles! Plus, the combination of nylon and carbon fibre will help to whiten your teeth. Of course, the toothbrush is vegan friendly and its soft bristles comply with the latest dental recommendations for tooth and gum health. Econea's firstborn baby, the Endles brand, was made for you. We've imprinted it with our many years of e-tailing experience, and on its wings we're spreading the most useful eco-products and our customers' biggest all-time favorites into the kits of everyday heroes. At a sympathetic price, without compromising on quality. For we have infused Endles with both a thoughtful raison d'etre and a heart beating strong for sustainability and the protection of our mother earth. With consciously made products, you'll be on your way to a waste-free life, taking care of your body and your home. All vegan, minimalist and functional.

Certifications: FSC
Length: 19 cm
Number of bristles: 1 700
Bristle material: nylon, castor oil, carbon fibre, bamboo fibre and DuPont fibre
Bristle fineness class: Soft
Country of origin: Made in China
Packaging material: cardboard box
Bristle color: black
Handle material: moso bamboo, sustainably grown
What to do with it when it's finished: Pull the bristles out with tweezers and throw them in the mixed waste. The rest of the brush head can be composted.
What to do with the packaging: recycle the box in a paper container or compost it

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  • END003